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    Guesthouse Maksimilian is situated in the very centre of the old, baroque part of Osijek („Tvrđa“- The Fortress). A distincive Austo- Hungarian touch of the Art Nouveau style, individual approach and modern facilities at reasonable prices, make us ideal accommodation for short business trips, family visits, weekend breaks…

    As the present owners, we are giving our best in restoring the house respecting the uniqueness and the tradition of the object itself. In this process we hope to eventually bring the building back to its old glory.

    Maksimilian is a relaxed, romantic and hopefully inspiring place to stay, miles away from the big hotels with lots of stars.

    Luckily, our guests are our stars!



    View from the sky

    For those who ask how far from the Tvrdja ( old city) we are…
    right in the heart baby, right in the heart

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